About us

Mightywoof is about learning  in positive fun way  with your pets

Mightywoof was set up to get owners and their  dog  to get fit together and learn about  positive training methods

Mightywoof has raised money for a number of rescue organisation eg million paws until 2016, grey hound rescue, guide dogs, monika rescue, save our stray, staffy rescue  and more by set up Mightywoof mini agility equipment  up for the public to donate a gold coin.

Josie  has been animal trainer for over 40years

Josie has a number of qualification which are the following as Josie love learning  and  teaching

  • Animal behaviourist, Professional Dog and Cat groomer,  Assistant Dog trainer,  Teacher in Animal Studies and Accounting,  Accountant, Diploma of Fitness in chronic diseases

You are never too old to something new for both owners and their pets